CA Foundation Mock Test Series



Practice does not get you to Perfection. “Right” Practice gets perfection and so does our unique Mock Test Format. Wondering How?

Phase 1: 30% Mock Test Series

30% Mock test here we target to complete your most important syllabus of Institute on the basis of their priorities and important in the past examination. This helps students to start their studies and preparation in a right direction to prepare/maintain a Proper timetable as students are mostly confused on where they have to start and how to start. So lets start here take the first step to clear your Institute through our experienced study pattern and test.

In addition, these test take place in starting month of your preparation so you can understand if you are studying in the right direction well and good but if you are in wrong direction it makes your direction right.

So in short the following are the key advantage:
Understand and remember the most Imp 30% syllabus of foundation with writing practice and time management.

Know your mistake for improvement quite before your actual exam with our chapter wise point analysis.

Multiple/various revision is another advantage of this pattern as you can target and practice Just a small of your portion rather than directly attempting for a 100% mock test.


Phase 2: 70% Mock Test Series

70% mock test there we Target a iteration of the first step 30% mock test plus an additional 40% consisting of all the level B priority chapters that are once again as per the weightage of the past examination this helps you to be more than 70% prepared to write the main exam as we target to cover 90% of the necessary chapters in this 70% mock test.
This is the way you need to cross to be 110% prepared for the next step.


Phase 3: 100% Mock Test Series A

100%A mock test If you have studied and tested your self as per the above two steps, there is nothing that can help you from scoring your best in this last steps of our mock test.

MAKEUCA prepares you for a full proof test paper covering the entire syllabus of each subject to help you test your knowledge and skill before appearing for your Final examination.


Phase 4: 100% Mock Test Series B

We don’t think, because your final step was Remain…!!
We don’t stop Until you pass..!
So with full confidence write your 100%B exam consider as your Institute final exam.
This is your plus point because before Your final exam you will know where you have done mistakes and where to improve.
So just go with it.




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